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Self Assessment

Self Assessment has changed the face of personal taxation, compliance and planning.

From the Revenue's point of view, Self Assessment is part of their overall strategy of 'spend to save' and has shifted the burden of compliance to the taxpayer, freeing up more resources for investigations and 'revenue protection'.

We are able to combine our experience in these areas together with the most sophisticated tax software available to provide a comprehensive service to all our clients.

Anyone who is employed, self-employed or benefiting from investment income and is required to submit a Self Assessment return should seek our advice. If selected for investigation, we will handle the whole matter quickly and efficiently giving our client the benefit of our experience and knowledge of dealing with the Revenue.



We can advise clients how to best plan their affairs in advance so as to minimise the burden of taxation.

By taking into account personal taxation issues, we can avoid onerous tax liabilities during the preparation of annual accounts.

See our planning section for further information of these services.