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It is enough of a challenge to maintain your superiority on the field of play, without having to worry about the financial accounting, sports endorsements and merchandising contracts off it. That is why many of the world’s leading sports professionals trust us to look after their accounting, financial and business matters. We aim to create winning finances whilst you continue to lift major trophies.

As a result of the growing commercial importance of sport, a diverse and important area of accounting and financial management has been established. BSG Valentine acts for sports personalities and commercial interests associated with sport. The well-recognised strengths of BSG Valentine lend themselves to reputation management and the protection of privacy of sports personalities.

Our existing client base includes professional footballers, cricketers and rugby stars together with Olympic athletes.

BSG Valentine has the knowledge and expertise to manage the unique problems faced by those operating in the sports industry. We realise that for sports rights owners and those wishing to exploit such rights, meaningful and constructive advice is essential. Such advice should be given by those who fully understand the sports industry from both a financial and commercial perspective.

As sports accountants our strength is the ability to offer clients an all-round financial service. We work with both leading agents and lawyers in all areas, including image rights, sponsorship rights, broadcasting rights and associated contract work.

We offer financial and accountancy advice to the sports industry:

  • Image rights, endorsement and merchandising contract issues
  • Tax planning for sports professionals
  • UK tax returns
  • Accounts preparation and book-keeping services
  • VAT advice and preparation of VAT returns
  • Domicile and residency issues

For further information please contact:
Melvyn Gandz FCA

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