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Dr G Ayida

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"Our association with BSG Valentine has lasted for possibly some 15 years.

Starting with annual individual personal tax returns, it has developed to encompass helping to establish a family business and deal with the annual accounts, payroll, on-going corporate taxation advice, general corporate and regulatory advice and even Estate advice which has been very helpful indeed for us and our adult children who are beginning their own professional lives.

Over these years the service from BSG Valentine has been always very personal, prompt and professional; the content has always been punctilious and of high standard.

When we approach BSG Valentine with corporate problems they take deliberate steps to identify and rank our objectives and decision making drivers. This approach, deployed with the professional expertise and solid practical experience embedded at the firm, has achieved successful outcomes for us every time.

BSG Valentine is a firm that keeps its promises. It is a firm that will work with you and look after succeeding generations of your family.  I cannot commend them highly enough."

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Women's Wellness Centre
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